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I love cooking. No seriously. I could spend hours in the kitchen without realizing that time has passed. I also really love to challenge myself. So, I started trying to make as much as I could from scratch. Boxed cake mix? No way! Canned mushroom soup? Oh pllleeeease… Tortillas? I have a tortilla press, let’s do it!

I set up the site so that you’ll have a quick access to what I call “basic” recipes. These recipes will include things like tortillas, taco seasoning, sauces, and breads. There are still some things that I use store-bought, mostly from a convenience standpoint. For example, I use storebought tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes to make marinara. While the tomatoes are canned, you end up with a marinara that is closer to your liking and has fewer additives than a jarred marinara. Plus it tastes better!

For recipes that include a “basic” as an ingredient I’ll give you my basic recipe, but you can choose whether you want to use mine or buy pre-made. We’re all busy. I feel ya. Do what works best for you. I’ll never judge.

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